Stop RV City Alert: Urgent Call to Action!

Need Your Letters ASAP for Final Drive to Stop RV City County Council before the December 9th Meeting


Why we still need your help:

RV City is  a done deal!  The County Council is expected to vote before the year-end – and we believe at least one member is still undecidedKeep pressure on Council – show that public opposition demands a NO voteKeep pressure on Council – show that public opposition demands a NO vote

·        RV City is NOT a done deal!  The County Council is expected to vote before the year-end 

·        Keep pressure on Council – show that public opposition demands a NO vote
·        Show local and state officials that “we, the people” are still watching
·        So efforts from the last two years are not in vain: our 1,245 petition signatures, 190 people at the Council hearing to oppose the project, 80+ letters to the Cape Gazette, media events, calls to local officials, etc. 
·        More reasons to keep fighting:  location of new school, new developments in progress, worsening traffic
What we still need to do:
·        MAIL opposition letters to council members urging them to vote NO - main target is Michael Vincent – Council President.
o   Be concise/direct – cite specific reasons they should reject  zoning change and not allow the project (see below for addresses and suggested topics)
o   Visit the website for more information
o   Send copy to Cape Gazetteemail
·        Contact other local officials asking for their support
·        Spread the word in the community – ask friends/neighbors to send letters
Council Mailing Information:
Michael H. Vincent                                  Sam Wilson                                          Joan R. Deaver
734 East Ivy Drive                                     15376 Wilson Hill Road                        19208 Plantation Rd.
Seaford, DE 19973                                    Georgetown, DE 19947                        Lewes, DE 19971
302-629-2396                                            302-856-2972                                        302-645-6657
George B. Cole                                          Vance C. Phillips
29271 Woods Edge Drive                          7472 Poatsville Road
Ocean View, DE 19970                              Laurel, DE 19956
302-539-1611                                             302-542-1501
Read the article under NEWS for major topics opposing RV City.




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