Major Topics Opposing RV City

10/27/2014 10:12
Major topics to cite in your letter opposing RV City:
·         Facts: RV City is  a sprawling development ill-suited to the area, with 162 acres and 628 sites:
o   516 RV pads
o   82 rental cabins with 2 parking spaces each
o   30 tents
o   Clubhouse, pavilion, dock, amphitheater, pool, general store, laundry center and more
·         Stress on infrastructure - current and approved development in the area – new elementary school, Coastal Club (630 homes), Windswept (81), Love Creek Landing (213), LC Homes – Cedar Grove (25), etc. – will put increasing stress on the area’s infrastructure, traffic congestion and residents’ safety.
·         Financial burden to taxpayers - the RV campground provides no transfer tax income to the County - unlike residential homes, resulting in estimated $9 million lost revenue over 20 years for a residential development of comparable size. It will be a burden to Sussex County taxpayers to support infrastructure needs (police, emergency response, hospitals, etc.) for up to 2,500 nonresidents.
·         Environmental impact - the EPA currently lists Love Creek as "impaired" for high nutrients (nitrogen) and bacteria! The large number of RV pads, cabins, roads and parking lots proposed for the resort will cause massive deforestation and increased imperious surfaces. These factors combined with extensive development within the 100-year floodplain will unavoidably increase pollution into both the creek and the unconfined aquifer, Sussex' main source of drinking water which flows within a few feet of the surface.  Former DNREC Secretary Collin O’Mara stated that DNREC “strongly believes that the site is worthy of permanent protection.”  The RV resort is really just a parking lot with landscaping.
·         Public hearing process unfair—if not illegal—as Planning & Zoning commissioners dismissed all public testimony as remarks from "non-credentialed" individuals and unworthy of consideration.
·         Quality of life - the project calls for dropping an RV city into the middle of a quiet suburban area. It’s ill-suited for the area and promises to destroy the lifestyle that drew so many residents to Sussex County. The residents from no less than eight communities have spoken out against the project: The Retreat at Love Creek, Sandy Brae, Harts Landing, Briarwood Estates, Webb’s Landing, Plantations East, Bayfront and Ward Road. 
·         Follow comprehensive plan – low-density housing delivers income to County and maintains quality of life for homeowners/taxpayers—not so an RV development.
·         Safety - traffic is a quality of life issue but traffic congestion is a safety issue as response times for emergency services will lengthen and put lives at risk.


·         Traffic – getting worse as witnessed during this past summer.  The traffic study paid for by the developer had significant flaws and did not have a comprehensive review of area growth.