No Decision from P&Z as Residents Say No to RV City at Commission Meeting

01/26/2013 16:51


Jan 25, 2013 -- 12:47am
Residents in opposition packed last night’s Planning & Zoning Commission public hearing on applications for a Change of Zone and Conditional Use for 162 acres of forest and farmland for an RV development.  The development would be located off Cedar Grove and Ward Roads west of Lewes in the area of Love Creek.  

Jason Beale of the Delaware Nature Society explained that there are rare species that call a pond on the property home.  There are only 5 or less locations for these animals in Delaware – and they are also endangered in New York, New Jersey, Maryland & Virginia and the Welch’s Pond population is believed to be the highest of the known populations in Delaware.  

Traffic and other environmental concerns, noise and safety were the primary issues raised by the over 100 area residents who showed up in opposition to the planned 628 unit RV development - which includes not only RVs, but cabins and tents, as well as amenities like an amphitheater, dock and dockside bar, paddle boats, general store, laundry center and more.  

County planners have not made a recommendation on the Change of Zone or Conditional Use applications by the developer.  The record remains open for written comment until 15 days after the announced receipt of DelDOT’s comments on the Traffic Impact Study.  Another public hearing before the County Council will be held February 19.
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