Public Hearing Meetings

01/04/2013 17:48

At the January 24, 2013, public hearing the following concerned residents have agreed to speak on several topics.  If you have suggestions or thoughts concerning their topic please contact them directly.

Traffic -  Charlie Tinacci

Infrastructure -  Dick Synder

Environmental - Hollis Provins and Bill Zak

Residental Impact - Dennis Fisher


Directions:  Lewes Georgetown Hwy/US-9 W/SR-18 W/SR-404 W. Continue to follow US-9 W/SR-18 W/SR-404 WLewes Georgetown Hwy/US-9 W/SR-18 W/SR-404 W. Continue to follow US-9 W/SR-18 W/SR-404 W.


Parking: A small parking lot is available on East Pine and South Race Streets. Metered parking is available around the Courthouse. Non-metered on-street parking is available further down East Pine Street (towards Union Cemetery).  Carpooling is suggested.


Petition Moratorium on All Land Use Proposals

10/27/2014 10:13
Sussex County, Delaware has been experiencing rapid, uncontrolled land development which is jeopardizing the safety and lifestyle of area residents and negatively impacting the beauty, environment, coastal waterways and endangered species in Sussex County.   Numerous proposals are before...

Major Topics Opposing RV City

10/27/2014 10:12
Major topics to cite in your letter opposing RV City: ·         Facts: RV City is  a sprawling development ill-suited to the area, with 162 acres and 628...

December 2013 Flyer

12/15/2013 11:33
RVCityFlyerDec_11_2013_to_Seascape.docx (18585)

October 8, 2013 P&Z meeting link

10/28/2013 13:58
  For those not attending, there was minimal discussion. In effect the Council was informed about the P&Z decision and its recommendations, as well as answers were provided to Mr. Cole's questions from the February public hearing. The packet  provided to the...

Link to the County Council

08/28/2013 08:26
Click on the link below to find information on the County Council members.  Click on their name for access to their email address. You can also mail letters to the Council Members at the following address:   Sussex County Council 2 The Circle,...

Audio of P&Z August 22, 2013

08/28/2013 08:25

Press Release #5

08/18/2013 13:51
LoveCreek_PressRelease_5_Rally081613mjwPDH[1].docx (19640)

August 2013 Stop RV City Flyer

08/15/2013 07:22
Flyer_Stop_RV_City_Alert_082213GKmjwclean.docx (17537)

Summary of Objections

06/30/2013 21:55
Cover Letter AND Summary of Objections-Final.pdf (84320)

TIS Rebuttal

06/30/2013 21:54
TIS Rebuttal with Conditions--Final.pdf (166620)
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