Write a Letter or Call to Oppose the Love Creek RV City

01/04/2013 12:35

What can you do to oppose the Love Creek RV Resort and Campground?

Write a letter of concern or e-mail the Sussex County Council members and Planning and Zoning Commissioners.  See the two attachments below if you need assistance writing your letter.  The first attachment is a template for your letter.  It includes an opening and closing paragraph with some critical information to ensure your letter is considered in the review of this proposed plan.  The template includes  various topics and talking points you can choose from to insert into the body of the letter.  This template has various "NOTES" in red lettering to help you assemble your own unique letter.  The second attachment, is a sample of a letter developed using the first attachment as a guide.  It would be best to have the letter mailed to the County Council or completed before the meeting on February 19, 2013.

LoveCreek_RV_Campground_Opposition_Draft_Letter[1]rev 2.12.13.doc (41,5 kB)

Sample_letter_for_officials_.pdf (341 kB)    

County Council:


To contact the County Council by e-mail visit - www.sussexcountyde.gov/dept/council/  To send them an e-mail click on their name on the left. You can also quickly contact every member of county council using the Suggestion Box


Online Suggestion Box

Council Members:

Samuel R. Wilson, Jr.  302-856-2972

Michael H. Vincent - 302-629-2396

Joan R. Deaver - 302-645-6657

George B. Cole - 302-539-1611

Vance C. Phillips - 302-542-1501

Important note about e-mails:  Please be advised that if you wish for an email to a particular Council member to be included in the record, you should direct a copy of that to the Clerk of the Council, Ms. Robin Griffith. Individual Council members receive email, and may or may not forward those to the Clerk. As the Clerk has custody of the official record, Ms. Griffith should receive a copy. Please be sure to note in your message that you wish for it to be included in the record.

You can copy the contents of your email into a separate message to the Clerk of the Council via this link: https://www.sussexcountyde.gov/contact.cfm?id=46&type=1

If you wish to mail them a letter the address is:

Sussex County Council

2 The Circle, P.O. Box 589

Georgetown, DE 19947

Fax: (302) 855-7749


Other Officials to Contact:

You may also want to contact the following officials voicing your concerns:

Senator Ernesto B. Lopez


Legislative Hall Office P.O. Box 1401

Dover, DE 19903

Office - 302-744-4321

Outside Phone - 302-598-7669

Representative Peter C. Schwartzkopf – 


Legislative Hall Office

P.O. Box 1401

Dover, DE 19903

Office - 302-744-4351

Representative Stephen T. Smyk (20th District)


Legislative Hall Office P.O. Box 1401

Dover, DE 19903

Office - 302-744-4321

Outside Phone - 302-577-8723

Planning and Zoning Members (address is in letter):

Lawrence Lank - P & Z - 302-855-7878

Electronic Contact Information:

To contact the Director, Lawrence Lank, electronically go to:

https://www.sussexcountyde.gov/dept/pz/  (click on his name to send an e-mail)

For County Planning & Zoning Commissioners go to:  https://www.sussexcountyde.gov/committees/ (click on Planning and Zoning on the left)

The Sussex County Planning & Zoning Commission is a five-member panel appointed by the Sussex County Council to consider requests for change of zone, conditional use and subdivision applications. Members are appointed for three-year terms.

The commission acts as an advisory board to the County Council on change of zone and conditional use requests, but has the authority to grant or deny subdivision applications. The Planning & Zoning Commission holds public hearings twice a month.

Comments and correspondence intended for the commission or its members should be entered into the record during Planning & Zoning public hearings, sent by mail to the Planning & Zoning Office, PO Box 417, Georgetown, DE 19947, or submitted electronically  (at the above web address).  The members are:

Robert C. Wheatley, Chairman

Michael B. Johnson

Martin L. Ross

Rodney Smith

Irwin G. Burton, III